Jordan Creek

Flowing between Idaho and Oregon, Jordan Creek cuts a swath through Owyhee County and into Jordan Valley.  Named after the man that first discovered gold along the waterway in 1863, this expanse in the Owyhee mountains of Idaho is still popular for modern-day miners.  Running nearly 100-miles-long, this tributary of the Owyhee River welcomed some of the first men with gold fever to south-western Idaho.  For more historical mining information about Owyhee County and nearby Silver City, please check here.

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1. Cornerstone Gold – $1850 – SOLD

Jordan Creek, Idaho

Rocky hideyholes on Cornerstone Gold.

Acreage:20 acres

River footage: 1550 feet

Placer/lode: placer claim

Unpatented/patented: unpatented

Location: Owyhee County, township 6S, range 5W, section 26 NW corner

Claim serial #: IMC 214612

GPS Coordinates:

Marker        Minutes & Seconds

A                      42°52’35.3568″N, -116°54’18.1188″W

B                      42°52’35.3568″N, -116°54’08.5392″W

C                      42°52’31.9584″N, -116°54’08.5392″W

D                      42°52’31.9584″N, -116°53’59.4240″W

E                      42°52’25.3128″N, -116°53’59.4240″W

F                      42°52’25.3128″N, -116°54’08.5392″W

G                     42°52’28.5564″N, -116°54’08.5392″W

H                      42°52’28.5564″N, -116°54’18.1188″W


Topo corners for Cornerstone Gold.

Topo corners for Cornerstone Gold.










Driving Directions: From Exit 33A in Nampa, head west on Karcher Rd (name changes to SR-55 just outside Nampa). After 16 miles, turn left (south) on US 95. You will stay on US 95 for approximately 44 miles till you reach Jordan Valley. US 95 takes an abrupt turn west in the center of town, at this turn you will turn left (east) on Yturri Blvd (name changes to Pleasant Valley Rd just outside Jordan Valley). Stay on this road for 7.5 miles, then left on South Mountain Rd. After following this for 6.1 miles, there will be a dirt access road to the left (north), which you will turn on. Take this for approximately 3.5 miles. The mining claim is located down the ravine and downstream approximately ¼ of a mile. There is an alternate way into Jordan Creek, by using Flint Rd. (north side), by ATV you can access through a ravine which is about 1/4 mile from the river up to the road (claim would be about 1/4 mile upstream…but easy to float equipment in and out).

Specific Claim Info: Cornerstone Gold is a 20 acre gold claim in the secluded, picturesque Owyhee Range. Located on Jordan Creek, bring your equipment and get to work pulling out gold and silver. Gold in this drainage can be covered in mercury. See the picture below and don’t throw out any amalgam! Perfect for those looking to work in solitude and escape the weekenders in the forests of the Boise Front. Check out Cornerstone Gold today!