Idaho City

This is the most famous gold-producing area in Idaho history.  Idaho City was the city that made miners, broke men and caught on fire four times!  The gold pulled from Idaho City helped finance the Union and help win the Civil War.  And there is still gold to be found today.  Some estimate that only a third of the gold in the basin was pulled out of the mines, streams and adits over a century ago.  For more information about Idaho City, please click here.

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1.  Gold Tailings – $3500 PRICE REDUCED $2650

Idaho CIty Idaho

Open ground on Gold Tailings.

Acreage: 13.91 acres

Placer/lode: placer claim

Unpatented/patented: unpatented

Location: Boise County, township 6N, range 5E, section 25

Claim serial #: IMC212525

GPS Coordinates:

Marker                   Degrees & Minutes                            

NW Corner            43.82523 ºN,-115.82105ºW,                           

NE Corner              43.82449 ºN,-115.81604 ºW

SE Corner              43.82343 ºN,-115.81604 ºW

SW Corner            43.82435 ºN,-115.82105 ºW,


Driving Directions:  Vehicle access to the claim is via asphalt, right off the main highway.  The claim is located less than a mile outside the historic downtown of Idaho City.  Driving directions to the claim: from Boise, travel north on HWY 21 to Idaho City.  Drive through Idaho City staying on HWY 21, and continue for about a ½ mile to the claim.  The claim is on the south (right) side, adjacent to the baseball field on the east side.  There are a few pull outs and gravel trails & roads across the claim to access this site.  Signage is posted identifying the claim along the roadside.     

Specific Claim Info:  Gold Tailings is a rare and unique opportunity to own mineral rights on a piece of land just outside of historic Idaho City!  At almost fourteen acres, Gold Tailings offers plenty of open, flat ground and old tailings, perfect for a dry operation of substantial size.  Previous leaching ponds are dry on the property.  Very easy access to the claim via Highway 21.  There is plenty of room on the land to set up a trailer and park equipment.  Gold Tailings is perfect for a serious mining operation in the historic Boise Basin.

 2.  Paymaster and Paymaster Fraction Lode Claims        

Aerial view of Paymaster and Paymaster Fraction claims

Aerial view of Paymaster and Paymaster Fraction claims

Topo location of both claims.

Topo location of both claims.

Idaho Gold Mining presents two rare opportunities to own a lode claim in the famous Boise Basin.  All specific claim info and driving directions pertain to both Paymaster and Paymaster Fraction claims.  For GPS coordinates, pricing, etc., please see below for separate information.

Specific Claim Info: Paymaster and Paymaster Fraction Lode Mining Claims are located in the Idaho City mining district, along a major gold bearing tributary of Grimes Creek.  This rich gold bearing region is the source of countless deposits, making Grimes Creek one of the most sought after areas with high yields of gold to recover.  Various operations and productions have occurred here since the late 1800s so mine shafts are littered all over this area, the product of unearthing veins of gold!  This claim is situated about 300 feet from the Missouri Mine famous for its gold and silver production. While these claims don’t have adits or mine shafts directly on the sites, a couple surface assays were taken directly from the claim (which can be provided per request), which show very positive and encouraging results for both gold and silver production.  In addition to all the above perks, these claims also have road access across them, as well as several hundred feet of creek frontage which also yields gold deposits.  There is no need to haul in heavy hardrock mining equipment just to get to the claim or obtain special permitting for building roads to access the sites.  There is a large pull out with adequate parking and camping areas on the claim and Idaho City is only 18 miles away providing provisions and gas.  Paymaster and Paymaster Fraction are surrounded by historic gold mining ghost towns like Pioneerville, Centerville, Placerville, Grimes Pass and Quartzburg.  These gold mining lode claims are already good to go and ready for a full-scale gold operation! So what are you waiting for? Grab that pick and shovel and unearth the mother lode.


**Please note, due to winter weather driving conditions in the Boise Basin, pictures of this site will be posted once the area is accessible.

Driving Directions: Vehicle access to the claims is via a hard-pack dirt road which you can drive directly across the claims. The claims are located 18 miles outside the historic town of Idaho City. Driving directions to the claim: from Boise, travel north on HWY 21 to Idaho City. Drive through Idaho City on Main Street (North) and then turn left (West) onto Centreville Road (NF 307). Stay on Centreville Road (NF 307) for 7.5 miles. The road name changes to NF 307. Turn right (North-East) onto Grimes Pass Road (NF 382) and drive about 7.5 miles to Pioneerville. Then turn left (West) onto NF 395 and drive a ¼ mile, then turn right (North) onto NF 395A1 which you will continue on for about 2.5 miles to the claim. Signage is posted clearly identifying the claim along the roadside. You can also access these claims from the north at Grimes Pass (about a mile further past the claims).

Paymaster LODE Mining Claim – $4500 PRICE REDUCED! $3500

Acreage: 20.66 acres

Placer/lode: lode claim

River Frontage: 425′ plus Muddy Creek Drainage

Unpatented/patented: unpatented

Location: Boise County, township 8N, range 5E, section 27

Claim serial #: IMC205355

GPS Coordinates:

Marker            Latitude/ Longitude             

NW                  44°00.501′N, -115°51.259′W

NE                    44°00.450′N, -115°51.140′W

SE                    44°00.229′N, -115°51.291′W

SW                   44°00.282′N, -115°51.402′W

Paymaster Fraction LODE Mining Claim – $3000

Acreage: 11.2 acres

Placer/lode: lode claim

River Frontage: 600′ plus Muddy Creek Drainage

Unpatented/patented: unpatented

Location: Boise County, township 8N, range 5E, section 22 and 27

Claim serial #: IMC205356

GPS Coordinates:

Marker            Latitude/ Longitude             

NW                  44°00.659′N, -115°51.157′W

NE                    44°00.536′N, -115°51.092′W

SE                    44°00.450′N, -115°51.140′W

SW                   44°00.501′N, -115°51.259′W

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