Idaho City

This is the most famous gold-producing area in Idaho history.  Idaho City was the city that made miners, broke men and caught on fire four times!  The gold pulled from Idaho City helped finance the Union and help win the Civil War.  And there is still gold to be found today.  Some estimate that only a third of the gold in the basin was pulled out of the mines, streams and adits over a century ago.  For more information about Idaho City, please click here.

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1. Pay Dirt 2 – $1950 NOW $1400! LIMITED TIME OFFER

What's hidden on Pay Dirt 2?

What’s hidden on Pay Dirt 2?

Acreage: 18.52 acres

Placer/lode: placer claim, dry gold bench areas

Unpatented/patented: unpatented

Location: Boise County, township 6N, range 5E, section 25 SE corner

Claim serial #: IMC 216116

GPS Coordinates:

Marker                                   Degrees & Minutes

NW Corner                            43°49’ 44.245”N, -115°48’ 21.819”W

NE Corner                              43°49’ 44.245”N, -115°48’ 3.691”W

SE Corner                              43°49’ 39.173”N, -115°48’ 3.691”W

SW Corner                            43°49’ 37.588”N, -115°48’ 21.819”W

Driving Directions: Vehicle access to the claim is via asphalt. Right off the main highway. The claim is located less than a mile outside the historic downtown of Idaho City. Driving directions to the claim: from Boise, travel north on HWY 21 to Idaho City. Drive through Idaho City staying on HWY 21, and continue for about 3/4 of a mile to the claim. The claim is on the north (left) side, across HWY 21 from the baseball field and east just a little. Signage is posted identifying the claim along the roadside.

Specific Claim Info: Pay Dirt 2 presents a rare opportunity to own a placer claim right outside historic Idaho City, Idaho. A great site for a dry operation, so if you have a trommel, this might be the gold claim you’ve been searching for. Also a great site for metal detecting. Services are just minutes away in Idaho City. Check out Pay Dirt 2 today and make it your newest gold mining destination!

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