Grimes Creek

Grimes Creek and its tributaries are some of the most famous “waterways of gold” known in Idaho.  Grimes Creek claims are hard to come by and when miners get their hands on a gold claim around Grimes Creek, they seldom let it go.  The claim(s) below are rare indeed.  For more information about Grimes Creek and the mining history of Idaho City, please read about the Boise Basin here.

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1.  Gold S’mores – $3750 – SOLD

Gold awaits on Gold S'mores!

Gold awaits on Gold S’mores!

Acreage: 17.35 acres

Placer/lode: placer claim

Unpatented/patented: unpatented

Location: Boise County, township 4N, range 4E, section 15

Claim serial #: IMC213726

GPS Coordinates:

Marker            Latitude/ Longitude             

NW                  43°40’40.111”N, -115°58’33.428”W

NE                    43°40’36.718”N, -115°58’15.300”W

SE                    43°40’34.296”N, -115°58’15.300”W

SW                   43°40’34.296”N, -115°58’33.428”W


Driving Directions:  Vehicle access to the claim is via asphalt highway which you can drive virtually up to the riverside. The claim is located 16 miles outside Boise or 15 miles downstream from the historic town of Idaho City. Driving directions to the claim: from Boise, travel north on HWY 21 to approximately 16  miles (past mile marker 16). Signage is posted clearly identifying the claim along the roadside.

Specific Claim Info:  Gold S’mores mining claim is located in the Idaho City mining district, along the major gold bearing tributary directly on Mores Creek. This portion of Mores Creek is approximately 5 miles downstream of Grimes Creek, so a collection from both major gold bearing tributaries run directly to this claim. This rich gold bearing region is the source of the countless deposits, making Grimes Creek and Mores Creek one of the most sought after areas for Idaho miners.  There are good prospects on high yields of gold to recover, evidenced by the various mining operations that have occurred since the late 1800s in the Boise Basin. This claim is situated about 18 miles (about a 30 minute drive) outside of Boise directly off Highway 21. Did we mention dredging? This claim has an open dredging season!  So what are you waiting for? Grab that pick and shovel and unearth the mother lode.


On the claim is a large pull out on either side of Highway 21 with adequate parking to help in setting up your operation. The old mining town of Idaho City is only 15 miles away where provisions are available, or scattered around even closer, are several old mining ghost towns, like Pioneerville, Centerville, Placerville, Grimes Pass, Quartzburg. Check out Gold S’mores today! 



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